Liquidity regimen – another way to lose weight

The desire to have rid of extra pounds makes us try to their new diet. The effect of one – please, others – not visible. In this article, we’ll tell you some one unusual regimen, which is based on the apply of only fluent fresh food. So the developers of this technique two week to get rid of six pounds overweight. If we believe the chief information, so at the very beginning, it was known alone to a small circle of people who were mostly celebrities. Most newly, it has been available for ordinary people. The chief principle of the regimen is based on eating only fluent fresh food. You within two weeks must eat fruit and vegetable juices, diluted with water, green tea, coffee, milk, yogurt, fresh meat bisque. During the regime in the stomach is not got solid diet food, able to stretch it out, as its volume will gradually decrease. In the next you will be able to download up small portions of diet food, so It is possible to save the resulting weight. In addition to the loss of amount due to the increased use of liquidity regime helps cleanse the body of toxins. Because during the diet enhanced diuretic processes, then for a long time to get involved in this kind of diet is not recommended. There is also a risk that the aging body in the next refuse to digest solid food. The optimal duration of the diet of seven to fourteen times. However, how in the Kremlin regimen in fluent want to focus on points of fresh food intake. In this diet the maximum number may not exceed 130. Throughout the diet, you can use the following liquid items: oat soup – one cup is equivalent to five balls, half veg nectar diluted with water – one cup is ten points, however fresh fruit nectar diluted with water, but in this case, the juice should be no more than a 3-rd cup – equal to twenty points, liquid milk fat content not more than 2 per cent – equivalent to a glass of twenty points; compote – a glass is 5 points, yogurt – glass is ten points, diluted bisque – a glass equal to twenty points. Liquid regimen can be used as creation for a longer period of weightiness loss. Dieting, it need be remembered that the maximum quantity of fluids you drink no more than three liters a time. If you are going to follow the regime for complete a week, then when the following dinner you should eat fresh salad, beets and carrots, dressed with a small amount of any oil. Equally significant is the rightly to “come out” of the regimen: the first day you can eat a small serving of cooked fresh vegetables, in addition to the second day of boiled raw vegetables are allowed to eat a modest portion of the liquidity porridge and a slice of fresh bread, and the 3-rd day you can go to the normal regime, eliminating from the regime of fatty foods.


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